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Tate by avenger139 Tate :iconavenger139:avenger139 3 4 Dean and Chance(Sims 4 Edition) by avenger139 Dean and Chance(Sims 4 Edition) :iconavenger139:avenger139 3 3 Huggles for Dean by avenger139 Huggles for Dean :iconavenger139:avenger139 5 0 A Gay Little Bubblegum Child by avenger139 A Gay Little Bubblegum Child :iconavenger139:avenger139 10 4 Koimei by avenger139 Koimei :iconavenger139:avenger139 3 0 Utahlite/Variscite EDIT by avenger139 Utahlite/Variscite EDIT :iconavenger139:avenger139 5 0 Presenting Dawn! by avenger139 Presenting Dawn! :iconavenger139:avenger139 0 0 She's Baaaaack! by avenger139 She's Baaaaack! :iconavenger139:avenger139 6 0 Photo_5 by avenger139 Photo_5 :iconavenger139:avenger139 8 0 Photo_4 by avenger139 Photo_4 :iconavenger139:avenger139 8 0 Photo_3 by avenger139 Photo_3 :iconavenger139:avenger139 8 0 Photo_2 by avenger139 Photo_2 :iconavenger139:avenger139 7 0 Photo_1 by avenger139 Photo_1 :iconavenger139:avenger139 7 0 YanSim Witch Skin by avenger139 YanSim Witch Skin :iconavenger139:avenger139 18 2 Mew Cheesecake by avenger139 Mew Cheesecake :iconavenger139:avenger139 9 2 My Smol Leafy Child by avenger139 My Smol Leafy Child :iconavenger139:avenger139 10 9


Butt Grab- by sassy-storm
Mature content
Butt Grab- :iconsassy-storm:sassy-storm 5 2
Masky x Male!reader x Hoodie Ch.2 : So It Begins
     You woke up early that morning, you packed a small bag with some clothes and a few things you have gotten over the years and set out into the woods.  You told your family you were going on a one person camping trip, and they just told you to take the satellite phone.  You went out into the woods, deeper than you normally would have gone, but you still knew the area.  You were looking for Hoodie and Masky, yeah it was stupid but you knew that you could do it.  If you didn't find them by nightfall, sleep in a tree then go back home in the morning.  That was your plan, and would work. 
     As you walked you started hearing strange noises, you kept looking behind you to make sure nothing was following you.  and there never was. 'it's your imagination' you thought to yourself.  You had thought about turning around before hand but you decided to stick with it.  You kept going deeper and deeper i
:iconstephanofan:stephanofan 128 42
We Bare Bears Base by Kittysandwich We Bare Bears Base :iconkittysandwich:Kittysandwich 22 2 SU - Rose-Colored Glasses by PinkCapPanda SU - Rose-Colored Glasses :iconpinkcappanda:PinkCapPanda 105 9
Fairy Tail X Male Reader
The Fairy Tail guild hall was as rambunctious as usual, minus the absent Gray and Natsu whom would usually be exchanging blows at this time.
“They must be out on a job.” a female redhead Mage wearing armor thought. “Maybe I should get a job too?”
She walked over to the guild’s request board and glanced around it. Looking for any job that suited her best.
Nab Lasaro, a Mage wearing odd tribal clothes, with dark skin and black hair, (with no actual known magic) called to the female standing next to him.
“Lots of requests these days. Huh Erza?”
“Nab, get a job or stop skulking around the request board all the time.” she said bluntly, killing the conversation before it began.
Nab sighed and walked off toward the guild’s bar, where Cana, a brown haired woman was consuming enough alcohol to kill a rhino.
As Erza continued to scan the request board, a certain poster caught her attention.
The crude price of paper didn't provide much i
:iconexalio:Exalio 39 1
Fairy Tail X Male Reader 2
Makarov looked at the Ghoulcaller’s unconscious body, which was lying on a table in the Fairy Tail guild hall. Makarov felt no need to restrain him, given the wounds inflicted on him by many of Fairy Tail’s best mages. He had put up quite the fight though, and Makarov wanted to learn more about the assassin and his power before deciding what to do with him. Many other guild masters had contacted Makarov and told him to execute the Ghoulcaller, but Makarov wasn't sure this was the best choice.
Erza walked out of the infirmary, eying the unconscious assassin.
“He’s a World Slayer. Probably the last of his kind.” Makarov said to both Erza and Mirajane, who were now both near him.
“A World Slayer?” Erza asked confused.
“It's an ancient type of magic with unknown use. As you've both witnessed now, it can be very powerful. The records say that it dates back to Zeref himself.” Makarov responded.
“Does that mean Zeref was some sort of
:iconexalio:Exalio 22 2
Fairy Tail X Male Reader 3
Lisanna sat with her sister Mirajane at a table in the Fairy Tail guild. They watched as Erza tried to feed (Name) a bite of strawberry cake, who kept his mouth pressed together and gave Erza an odd “No, I don't want it.” expression. Erza ate the bite herself, showing it was harmless, as if trying to feed it to a puppy. Then she jabbed another bite sized piece onto the fork, and extended in to (Name). He started to open his mouth reluctantly, but then he closed it once again and turned his head sideways, refusing to eat it. Erza sighed, and set the fork down on her plate.
Lisanna turned to her sister.
“They're getting along well, aren't they?” she prompted Mira.
“Very.” Mira responded, “Erza’s been ecstatic ever since Master told her she was responsible for (Name).”
“He's the talk of the guild right now, sure he looks cute, but what else?” Lisanna asked shaking her head, not understanding why everyone was so interested i
:iconexalio:Exalio 21 1
Fairy Tail X Male Reader 4
Lucy and Erza walked on either side of (Name) while he skipped, his armoured boots clicking against each other and the ground. He hummed happily, as the group made their way towards the market.
Sunlight shone down into the street, reflecting off of the windows of the buildings in Magnolia. Lucy thought it was a rather pretty day. Natsu dragged behind them, complaining about the heat, but Lucy had tuned him out a while ago.
“Let's eat something!!” Natsu moaned from behind.
“Natsu, you just ate at the guild.” Lucy sighed.
The group approached the market, lines of shops had been set up along an open area in town. People bustled around, either buying various products or passing through. They walked into the crowd, glancing around at the various merchandise set out on display.
Lucy turned her head around, and found her friends missing. She looked around the market area trying to find them, and then slouched and sighed.
Natsu and Happy loomed over a couple enjoying a
:iconexalio:Exalio 17 4
Fairy Tail X Male Reader 5
“Let me get this straight…” Lucy said, looking back and forth between the redhead armoured girl and dark clothed boy on the other side of the table. The group had gone to sit in a diner to discuss the current problem at hand. “She said her name was Lucy Heartfilia?” Lucy asked. Erza and (Name) both nodded, and Lucy slammed her hands into the table. “HOW?! WHERE?!” WHAT?! WHY?!” she shouted rapidly, demanding answers.
“She offered (Name) a job.” Erza mentioned.
“SO?!” Lucy asked, still freaking out about her impersonator.
“So we have (Name) go spy on her.” Erza suggested. The light of understanding shined into Lucy’s eyes, and both she and Erza switched their gazes to (Name).
“Yeah, you're good at this stuff, right (Name)?” Lucy asked. (Name)’s expression did not change at all as he flipped a dagger out of his sleeve and held it infront of his face. He nodded twice, and Lucy frown
:iconexalio:Exalio 16 2
Fairy Tail X Male Reader 6
Action Chapter time!!!!! I will be posting a Myriad Colors Phantom story soon, because I had a character idea and that was the perfect anime to apply it to. I may also begin a Noragami story, but first I will have to finish the next Akame ga Kill chapter. Anyways, comments are appreciated as usual! (Especially suggestions and chapter requests) And enjoy the story!!
Laxus listened to the loud shrieks emanating from the top of the mountain. The wind had kicked up again, and bounced off the canyon walls creating a whistling sound. Seemed like he needed to get up there, and fast. He looked around, for any sort of entrance to climb the mountain, but he saw none. Laxus heard someone talking from around the corner of a rock wall, and he ducked behind a boulder for cover.
“I'm telling you, we're going the wrong way!” Gajeel shouted angrily ruffling his long black hair with his iron gloves.
“Says who?” Levy asked.
“Says my dragon slayer smelling!!” Gajeel ret
:iconexalio:Exalio 15 0
Fairy Tail X Male Reader 7
(Name) woke with a start. Quickly sitting up and trying to survey his surroundings. He immediately regretted doing so, and felt a wave of dizziness overtake him. He felt two hands press him gently back into the bed he sat in, keeping him in place.
“It's okay…” Mirajane soothed. “You're fine now, but you need to rest.”
“Where-?” (Name) started to ask, cut off by Mirajane.
“Back at Fairy Tail. Gajeel carried you.”
(Name) took a deep breath and tried to focus. Mirajane stood over him, smiling gently, with a hint of sadness in her expression. She held his left hand folded in both hers, tracing his palm with her fingers occasionally.
“You're not hurt?” (Name) asked weakly.
Mirajane shook her head. “Not badly. My side’s a little bruised.” she said, lifting her shirt to show a small bandage patch covering her side.
(Name) lifted his right arm to examine the patch, and Mirajane blushed as his hand swept across
:iconexalio:Exalio 17 2
Fairy Tail X Male Reader 8
“WOW!” Lucy exclaimed, looking around the vast room with amazement. The blonde quickly examined every item in the room that she was able to find, and the rest of the group predicted it would be at least an hour before her investigation was finished.
Natsu collapsed face first on entering the room, his backpack fell onto the floor beside him. “Natsu! Get a grip!” Happy tried to tell him, shaking his inanimate body.
“Oh, you came too Happy?” Wendy asked, kneeling down to the blue cat.
“Aye!” Happy confirmed, saluting.
“Natsu-San isn't feeling well after all that traveling is he? I think I can help, just give me some space.”
“Aye…” Happy said, backing away as Wendy say by Natsu’s side. “His motion sickness always makes things difficult.”
“Amazing,” Mira gasped, entering the room. “I didn't think Makarov could manage to get us tickets to a resort like this, and our living space
:iconexalio:Exalio 16 6
Fairy Tail X Male Reader 9
“(Naaaaame)!” multiple girls called out from below. “Come out!!”
(Name) pondered the spectacle. “Why are they looking for me? I thought I was hiding from Erza…” he wondered, shifting himself to a more comfortable position on the branch he was hidden away on. “Oh well… Not like they'll find me up here anyways.” he concluded, resting his head against the trees strong trunk.
“Gajeel!!” Levy called, trying to avoid contact or suspicion by any of the other people wandering through the forest. “Gajee--?!” Levy was cut off as an iron hand clamped around her mouth. The hand released her, and she turned around to face her attacker. “Oh, Gajeel, thank goodness.” she sighed in relief in seeing her accomplice.
“What? I found (Name) just like you said, only it's not just Erza looking for him now.” Gajeel informed her, crossing his arms.
“Ya… Hey, you remember that thing we gave to
:iconexalio:Exalio 23 18
{Free!} Various x Reader ||Chu~||
Free Iwatobi Swim Club x Reader ||Chu~||
Reader-chan can be a boy or a girl in this x3
"Ne~! we should all go out to eat!" Nagisa yelled while getting out of the pool. "Hm? Why?" Makoto asked while drying his hair. "You know, to represent that were all actually friends!" "That sounds interesting." Rei said while pushing up his red glasses. "I guess, What about you, Y/n-chan/kun?" Makoto asked. "Ah, Sure! Why not? What about you, Haru?" He just looks to the side and nods, You smile. "When?" You ask. "How about Saturday at 6:00?" Everyone nods since they're all free on Saturday. "Alright! I'll call the others!" Nagisa say, you all start to pack your things and head home.
~Time skippu to Saturday~
You were meeting up with Rin and Sosuke at this restaurant where they sell Mackeral... For Haru. You walk with Haru, Makoto, Nagisa, and Rei, and you see Rin and Sosuke standing by the entrance. As you walk up to them someone comes out from behind Sosuke. You only see a pink blur before your eye
:iconcreepypastachick00:Creepypastachick00 340 73
Going Home by kawacy Going Home :iconkawacy:kawacy 9,793 385



So, Dean wasn't Chance's first relationship. Before him was Tate, whom is probably one of the biggest jerks Chance has ever met. More on him later(probably)
Dean and Chance(Sims 4 Edition)
Lack of CC is why these two don't look so good. Oh well...
Dean is on the left, Chance is on the right :3

Dean belongs to sassy-storm 
Huggles for Dean
Chance thought his boyfriend needed a hug :3

Dean belongs to sassy-storm 
A Gay Little Bubblegum Child
I have no clue what he is exactly. I just know that he's dating Dean, that exhibitionist character sassy-storm made :D (Big Grin) 
Copied from :icondragongamezart:

There are some people on DA who are getting too fake. They only want posts, comments, or to see how many "friends" they can get. So let's see how many people will actually re-post this. This is a test to see who is paying attention. This is a test to see how many people in my friends list (or my watchers list) actually pay attention. Let's see who the true friends are... Re-post this if you are a friend... Don't reply... Just copy and paste this in a new journal as "Fake Friends"


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